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OK316Armstrong546-2307162.207:0016:00Effective Tuesday, July 15th, 2019
TN307Heffley578-2228157.6206:0016:00Effective Tuesday, May 21 2019
OK334Kelowna861-6911162.1207:0016:00Effective Tuesday July 2/19
OK1457King EddyN/ARR 40:000:00closed until further notice
CAR603Lakeview398-3997151.8356:0023:45Trucks need to be registered and trained on unmanned scales, prior to arrival.
OK326Lavington260-1252151.0555:4517:45Effective Wednesday, May 15, 2019
OK1494Mabeln/aRR 40:000:00closed for inbound wood
CAR607Questwood992-1716153.2306:0023:45Trucks need to be registered and trained on unmanned scales prior to arrival.
CAR602Soda Creek398-3668151.8956:0023:45Trucks need to be registered and trained on unmanned scales, prior to arrival.
OK1351Sugar Laken/aLD 50:000:00closed for inbound wood
OK353White Valley547-2202162.1206:0016:45Effective Tuesday, July 2, 2019
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Celgar 2019 Log Specs Lumby.pdf
Celgar Log Spec 2019 Woodroom Water.pdf
Downie Log Quality Pamphlet.pdf
Log Quality Manual_FINAL_June 2016.pdf
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